If The Characters From Big Little Lies Were Social Media Channels

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At KWSM, we love a good story, and the HBO series Big Little Lies captivated our office. With a cast of relatable characters and an entertaining plot line, it was hard not to be drawn into the drama surrounding some of the mothers of Monterey. So, here they are, some of the starring characters of Big Little Lies cast as social media channels!

Didn’t finish the series? Warning! A few spoilers may lie ahead.


Madeline Martha Mackenzie

Madeline Martha Mackenzie is everyone’s favorite alpha mom with an affinity for everyone else’s business and the bold ability to share her unsolicited thoughts at any given moment. Described by other members of the Monterey community as a variety of colorful names, it’s clear this strong-willed woman marches to the beat of her own tempo and the tune of a healthy amount of gossip. A fierce friend, she means well and wants the best for others– as long as they’re on her side. Despite Madeline’s constant push for perfection, she’s quick to take rash action and, as a result, makes many mistakes. There is no editing when it comes to her language, and with a mouth as quick as her wit, she’s just as likely to start fires as she is to snuff them. Madeline is swift to make connections, take sides, and share her opinion, making her obvious as a pick for Twitter.


Celeste Wright

A perfectly curated life tinted with a rose-colored filter is what the community of Monterey might see when its members look at Celeste Wright. She’s beautiful, always put together, and constantly praised by her friends for being flawless. With a loving husband and two healthy and happy twin boys, she’s the definition of picture perfect in the eyes of other Monterey parents– not to mention the inspiration for several cases of jealousy. But even though her life may be portrayed as picture perfect, it doesn’t mean it is in reality. Which is why if Celeste Wright was a social media channel, she would be Instagram.


Jane Chapman

The whispers surrounding Jane Chapman claim that she’s hiding from something– or someone. Although she’s moved to reinvent herself in a new location, she can’t truly ever transform herself into a new person. With a gallery of memories keeping her tied to her past, she focuses on making every day a fresh new start while wishing her past would disappear. Jane is honest and raw, making her different from the other manicured mothers in Monterey, but she stands out even more when her son is accused of foul play. And just like Jane, the occasionally controversial Snapchat offers a glimpse of what’s real even while hiding behind filters.


Bonnie Carlson

If Bonnie Carlson had it her way, all the parents of the Monterey community would simply be friends. A natural peacemaker, she believes in the power of bringing people together to resolve conflict… even when her genuine efforts run the risk of being thrown back up in her face. Despite being at peace with herself, Bonnie still has moments that irk some of the mothers in Monterey simply because she is unfiltered, unapologetically herself, and unafraid to share it. Unlike many of the Monterey parents, Bonnie is a listener. Her parenting approach starts with hearing her children out before offering them advice and attempting to guide them in the right direction. Most importantly, she validates every emotion by allowing them to express their natural reactions to whatever they’re experiencing. Her ability to allow others to express their feelings and connect with them on a friendly level makes her Facebook.


Renata Klein

When conflict arises, Renata Klein means business. Whether it’s accusing a child of foul play or protesting the morals of a musical, when Renata takes a stance, she’s quick to publish her opinion to her network. Renata isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants even if it means she has to try and negotiate a losing deal (see: trading a set of VIP passes to Disneyland for a birthday party appearance from a first grader). However, even though her impressive resume is one of her greatest strengths, she’s often accused of not doing enough outside of her work life for her family. And despite not being the most popular mother in Monterey, she kills it in the corporate world and knows how to make genuine connections when it matters. If Renata Klein was a social media channel, she would be LinkedIn.


Moral of the story: While each of these characters and channels has the ability to tell a story, they may not all be the best to tell your story. In social media, businesses need to take an honest look at which channels best reflect their needs and values, and speak to the right audience. Lastly, when communicating with your consumer base, there can’t be any Big little Lies. Authenticity is a must and you must stay true to your followers.

That’s it for this Big Little Lies casting call! Do you agree with the roles these characters were assigned? Not every social media channel was matched to a character, so tell us if you have any roles you feel need to be filled by tweeting at us here!



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