Hulu Advertising Changes: Streaming Giant Beta Tests Self-Service Advertising

If you’re familiar with Hulu, then you know that the streaming giant offers a variety of subscription options on the platform. With their lowest cost offering, viewers are served ads before and multiple times throughout the program that they are viewing. 


In the past, these video ads were limited to those from big brands who did large-scale media buys, and so Hulu advertising came from the usual suspects (think: Cheez-Itz or Toyota). However, this past week it was announced that Hulu will allow any company to apply to beta test their self-serve advertising platform. Hulu has seen how successful platforms like Facebook are when it comes to advertising for any type of business, especially more local businesses that can’t afford a traditional big media spend. 

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Hulu offers users a variety of subscription options with the most affordable subscription including advertisements before or during their Hulu Originals, movies, and TV shows.

The Requirements 

The only set Hulu advertising requirement as of this blog’s publishing date is that your business must have at least a $500 ad campaign budget, and, obviously, have an approved video ad to run. 

Things that typically mattered in the past to advertise on Hulu, like the size of your business or the industry that your business is in, are no longer needed to qualify to run video ads on the platform. This is great for businesses in B2B sectors looking for creative ideas to market their business, as well as small or local businesses looking to connect with new audiences


Hulu knows that Video is King 

Video has been the king of the content world and the advertising world for a while now. After all, Animoto reports that video ads specifically were the number one way customers discovered a brand that they later purchased from. 


With digital competitors like Facebook, Instagram, and especially YouTube competing for viewers’ attention spans and already offering brands the opportunity to show video ads on their respective platforms, it makes sense that Hulu wants to get in on the action (and in on those ad spend dollars). 


Hulu Advertising Tools

If your company is interested in Hulu’s Self-Service Advertising platform but doesn’t know where to start, the Hulu platform itself offers a list of resources. These include creative partners like Genero, QuickFrame, Shuttlerock, and vidmob that can assist with the creative process. However, if you’re looking to create a piece of video content that could serve as a Hulu ad but then also live on your social media channels and website in an evergreen way, enlisting the help of a professional marketing agency may be a good investment. 


Besides offering creative tools, Hulu’s platform will include the expected scheduling, budgeting, and analytics tools similar to other platforms that offer digital advertising.


There is no word on when the full, non-beta version of Hulu’s self-service ad platform will roll out, but any business can currently apply to participate in this beta program and begin advertising on Hulu


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