How to Use Video to Build Trust in Your Business

Building your brand requires more than creating content to show that your business is present on social media. To get results and grow your audience, you have to build trust. Marketing is all about building the know (brand awareness), like (engagement), and trust (lead conversion). Incorporating videos into your social media content is a great way to expedite this process. Here are five types of videos to build trust in your business:

Your Story in Your Words

Does your audience know you exist? If they do, do they know your mission, your origin, your core values, and the solution you provide? Tell them; help them get to know you! Now more than ever, customers want a humanized brand that they feel a connection to. If they feel a personal connection with you, they’re more likely to invest their time and money in your company’s products or services. Take a few minutes to outline your brand’s story, hop in front of your nearest camera, and share what you’re all about! 


There’s something about peeking behind the curtain that entices an audience. Why do you think people pay extra for VIP access, sneak peeks, or spend hours watching outtakes or “the making of” videos? Viewers love to see the journey of how something came about. Give your audience that gift by showing behind-the-scenes footage of product development, how your company operates, or even fun bloopers of your team. This is useful in helping your audience go from not only knowing your brand but liking you and developing trust as well. The idea is to fully immerse your audience in your brand.

Educational Videos

If you can solve your audience’s problem, you’re on the right track! Educational videos are a useful way to help your audience understand what you do and how you can provide a solution to their problem. Instructional and “how-to” videos are popular education videos that will grab your audience’s attention quickly and perform well in SEO. These types of videos further your credibility as an industry expert, which eventually leads to trust.

Team Member Highlights

This connects back to telling your brand’s story. Your team is the life force that keeps your company. Employee spotlights add to the humanizing aspect of your business. Share their relatable stories and what makes them unique. Videos like these make your audience feel more connected with the people they will encounter while seeking your products and services. Your audience will appreciate the gratitude you show your team and your selflessness in letting them shine a little bit too.

Client Reviews/Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials are by far one of the best forms of social credibility. Allowing your existing clients to share how wonderful their experience was with you will allow potential clients to visualize what it would be like to experience your brand as well. What do you think about when you want to dine at a particular restaurant? You visualize yourself indulging in their tasty entrees first, right? The same goes for your brand. Give your audience a peek at how buying your product or service will improve their life.


72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. 

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