How to Start a Content-Based SEO Strategy


How-to-Start-a-Content-Based-SEO-StrategySEO is a complex topic with many different types of strategies and schools of thought. But the ultimate goal of any SEO strategy is to help your website show up higher in Google search results when people search for keywords that relate to your organization.  

If you begin to research SEO, it is very likely that you will come across many different tools and tactics, that all promise to help improve your SEO rankings. At KWSM: a web marketing agency, we focus our services on a content-based SEO strategy. Using a variety of methods, we are able to help your website by consistently putting our high-quality content and driving people to your website to read it. 

The Reason We Choose For High-Quality Content 

We have found (and Google has stated) that quality content is one of the most important aspects to help your website get more search traffic to your website. Quality content can be summarized as unique and quality copywriting, the use of media (pictures/video), and a user-friendly website that users want to stay on. Additionally, Google wants to see you consistently adding new pages/blogs to your website that are all unique, with little to no duplicate content.  

We believe that quality content is the #1 most important thing for your SEO strategy. From there, your primary goal should be to drive traffic back to the website to get as many hits as possible on your content. 

The reason being that the more people go to the website, stay on it, share it with others, etc., Google sees that and then starts showing the website higher in search engines. 

This is where social media, press releases, blogging, links from other sites, all start to work together to help your website’s SEO. All services that KWSM: a web marketing agency can do for you. 

Before You Begin Creating Content

It is crucial that you research and select your focus keywords before you begin. Using information directly from the Google Keyword Planner, you will be able to discover which keywords historically get the most traffic and build a short-list of keywords that you intend to rank for. It is important that you narrow down the list of keywords to a select few (we recommend 25-50 keywords to start) that are getting high search traffic and are relevant to your business.

Without keywords, Google will determine for itself what it believes the website should rank for. When we use keywords on the site, we are helping Google understand what the website is about, and we also help Google rank the site for the keywords we want to show up for.

Note: If you have already begun your content writing, you can always add the new keywords in after it has been published. Just know it will take a few days for Google and other search engines to crawl your website to begin ranking for those words. 

Types of Keywords

  1. Brand keywords: These keywords include your company name (for example: KWSM digital marketing) in the search term. These keywords tend to be easier to rank for since it is highly likely these people already know about you and are looking for more information. So, when they find your website, they will stay for a long time and usually convert. The goal is to capture all brand-related searches first.
  2. General Keywords: These are more research-based searches from people who DON’T know about KWSM: a web marketing agency. Take this blog, for example, the keyword was ‘content-based SEO strategy.’ This keyword has nothing to do with our services but does get the right types of people to visit our website and stay for a while. 

How to Start Writing High-Quality Content for SEO

Once you have your list of keywords developed, you can begin to create web pages and blog posts specific to the keywords you listed. It is extremely important that you only add the keywords to the pages and blog posts where it makes sense. Not every keyword will fit on every page! 

Best practices dictate that you should add a new page to your website every week. At KWSM: a web marketing agency, we accomplish this by posting weekly blogs, on the same day and time every week. Additionally, our SEO Maintenance program offers 2 new pages per month to further improve the quality of the website overall. 

How Quickly You Can Expect to See Results

SEO is a long-term strategy, one that takes patience and discipline in order to accomplish great results. One of our clients has been on our SEO maintenance program for 6 months now and has already seen significant improvement in their keyword rankings. When looking at January to June of 2019 versus January to June of 2018, they saw a 3% increase in Organic Search traffic, with a 5% increase in overall traffic. This equals to about 1,500 additional unique users who have visited the website this year versus last year. We expect this to continue as our optimization efforts build.  

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75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines

Being on the first page should, therefore, be one of your top priorities as a business owner. This is something our team can help you do by implementing a strong SEO strategy today. 

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