How To Stand Out On Social Media

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Imagine a place where millions of people from all over the world come together and each has their own unique message that they want to share with everyone else.

In this place, people are fighting for each other’s attention. People are yelling, pushing and walking over one another trying to attract a crowd that will listen to their message.

Some people have microphones, others are waving huge flags in the air and some people are even paying others to listen to their message.

This place sounds pretty intimidating and chaotic doesn’t it?

Well this mythical place doesn’t exist in the physical form, but it does in the virtual world. It is called Social Media.

On social media, there aren’t just millions of people fighting for attention, there are hundreds of millions. With that many voices talking at once, many are bound to get drowned out – but that doesn’t have to be your brand.

I firmly believe that there is only one way to fail at online marketing and social media- give up. People, brands and large companies throw in the towel too soon, before they are able to build a loyal following and become successful on a social channel.

There are well over half a billion Channels on YouTube, but do you know how many of those half billion channels have more than ten videos?

There is no exact number but it is estimated that at least half of those YouTube channels have fewer than 10 videos on them.

This happens because people shoot a few videos and post them on YouTube expecting the traffic to come rolling in. Then they get shocked when no one watches their videos. They automatically assume that this social media channel isn’t for them and they move onto the next one or stop trying social media.

Unfortunately, these people are going about it all wrong. Social media needs constant tweaking and improvement. You don’t grow a large audience overnight. You test different strategies for attracting and growing an audience, measure what works and what doesn’t, and then improve from there.

If you want to succeed on social media you will have to put in the time and effort it will take to get your brand noticed.

In order to succeed on social media, you must do the following:

  • Post consistently to your social media channels. The ideal schedule is different for every channel. Find out what works best for your brand and make sure you stay consistent.
  • Be true to your company. Make sure you are posting content that reflects the values of your brand.
  • Provide value to your audience. The content you are posting not only reflects your brand values but also educates or entertains your audience.
  • Social media is not a marketing plan. Social media is part of an overall online marketing strategy. Make sure your social media activities fit into your overall marketing plan.

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