How To Repurpose Your Blog Content

Successful business people commonly joke, “if I could only clone myself.” When it comes to creating content, your next best blog

Photo Credit: @dbesinska
Photo Credit: @dbesinska

may come from successful content you’ve already written

You have probably spent a lot of time creating content for your business blog. You have invested months creating and publishing your high quality, keyword heavy, information that is valuable to your audience.

If you have a piece of content that resonated very well with your audience, why not put that to work for you again? Repurposing content allows you to do just that by creating more content on the same topic. Here are three tips for repurposing your old successful content.

Use your best blog posts

It may seem obvious to try and repurpose your blog posts, but it’s important that you only use your posts that have gained the most traffic. Using your evergreen content (content that is always relevant and doesn’t go out of date) is important when repurposing. These posts offer as much value today as they did when you published them. You can take the core topic of your blog and create new content around it. For example, if your blog post was 5 steps to happiness, you could create a blog post on each step; create a graphic for each step to share on social medial; you could even host a podcast on the topic. All of a sudden you have five new blog posts, five new social media posts, and a podcast – all from one piece of content.

Build on your successes

If you have older content that was popular when you originally posted it, use that as inspiration for new content. You should embrace posts that people clearly showed an interest in. In fact, the best performing topics for your blog posts are the ones you should be using to expand your audience. For example, if your business has grown within the last several months, there’s a good chance your content is going to reach a new audience. It’s also okay to repost your most popular content as is, especially if your analytics prove the post was well received.

Reassess so-so blogs 

As you’re reviewing old blog content, you might come across a blog post that had plenty of potential but didn’t perform very well. Take a close look at the context of the post because it may be more accurate today than when you originally posted. Updating the information and sharing these updated posts cannot only engage a new audience, but it can also make the post valuable again. Reposting older blog posts could prove to be a valuable social media tool by testing new headlines or discovering what time your audience is consuming your content via those channels.

A slightly out-of-date blog post is usually a little attention away from being presentable to your audience. By focusing on your best blog posts, your successful blog posts, and your not so successful post, you have a library of content for your next blog post.

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