How to Repurpose Content with a Waterfall Strategy

No matter if your business is a small startup or a massive B2B or B2C enterprise, you know that the most successful marketing tactics rely on content creation. 


Since your business has invested time and money into producing various pieces of content, repurposing each piece for more than one use is the best way to get more bang for your buck—and reach more potential customers. 

A waterfall content strategy is one type of content strategy that can help your business use one piece of content in many ways.

What is a Waterfall Content Strategy?

Think of a waterfall. The heaviest flow of water starts at the top, from a single source.  As the water falls down, it branches off into other streams, spreading out before ending in a large pool of water at the bottom. 


This analogy works with a content strategy. Your piece of content begins as a single strong offering, published in one place. However, if you implement a waterfall content strategy, you can use that one piece of content as source material for many smaller pieces that will appear in many other different places. 


How do I Create a Waterfall Content Strategy?

The best way to repurpose content with a waterfall content strategy is to start with your piece of content and build an outline. A waterfall content strategy can work with any piece of content, but let’s apply it to video.


If your company has published a long-form video that tells customers about your company, the company background, and the services or products you offer, you could create a waterfall content strategy outline similar to the one below. 

  • Break up the sections of the video into smaller sections each highlighting one topic (about the company, its offerings, etc.) each into 1-minute video clips to appear on social media and YouTube
  • Extract the audio from the long-form video and publish it as a podcast 
  • Take screenshots of strong moments in the video and turn those into stills that can appear on social media, in your newsletters, or even in blog posts 
  • Create a blog post about the video or the making of the video and embed or link back to the video for SEO value


By using a waterfall content strategy, you’ll be able to extend the life of that one piece of content, help it to remain relevant for longer, and leverage it to reach more people on more channels. 


Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.


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