How to Maximize Your Social Media Ad Spend

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As you wrap up your 2015 marketing plan and look toward next year, let these tips guide you toward advertising success. Experts predict TV advertising is on its way out and you can attend its funeral in 2016. Meanwhile, digital marketing is projected to grow by 30% in the next year. Keep your business growing by taking your advertising strategies online. Here’s how to get the most of your advertising budget on social media.

Timing is Everything

No matter what your budget begets, timing is crucial for social media advertising. We recommend running ads for no longer than a month because this is a sufficient amount of time to gather analytics on the creative. If your objective is to send people to your website, be prepared to spend at least five dollars per day on Facebook because this is their minimum budget requirement. When you first set up an ad, we recommend checking it at least once every two days for the first two weeks and adjusting your audience accordingly.

Promote the Perfect Posts

Promoted posts are perfect for companies on a tight budget that want to reach audiences beyond their current followers. When boosting posts on Facebook, don’t just advertise on a whim; select specific posts that educate, engage, and entertain your target audience. The more engagement you can get on these sponsored posts, the cheaper each cost per click (CPC) will be. These posts should also include a link back to your website to help boost website traffic.

Get Audience Insight from Analytics

Tailor your ads to specific audiences by pulling information from your social media analytics and Google Analytics. These data breakdowns can tell you who your largest demographic of followers is, the peak times they’re on social media, and the cities they live in. Use this information to create the most effective ads possible by directly applying it to your target audience.

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