How To Maximize Your Carousel Ads


Facebook carousel ads are a fantastic way to tell a story on social while simultaneously driving e-commerce sales. Different from a traditional Facebook ad, the carousel structure of the images presents your products to your customers in a way that is both logical and relatable, and therefore, buyable. Due to the widespread success of this type of ad, Facebook has now made it easier to make the most of your hard work in creating them. Learn how you can maximize carousel ads by pinning them to the top of your Timeline as posts in order to increase traffic to your website.

Photo: @gillianisabel
Photo: @gillianisabel


Set Your Parameters

Your first order of business is to set the parameters of your carousel ad. The three main factors to consider are the dates it will run, the budget you’d like to spend, and the targeting to determine whom the ad will reach. To begin, head to your ads manager and select “Send people to your website.” Set up targeting with a saved audience, or start from scratch by adding the demographics and geographical range of your audience. Finally, determine the dates you’d like your ad to run that works within your marketing calendar to maximize exposure.

Get Creative

The most essential part of a successful carousel campaign is the creative portion, which means you should start by planning your images and text before you begin creating the ad. The carousel format is designed to tell a story, with each image portraying the next step until the final conclusion that ties all of the items together. For example, if Home Depot wants to focus on backyard entertaining and landscaping in time for summer, they might show the evolution of the project beginning with the plain backyard, followed by additional landscaping elements or outdoor furniture pieces, culminating in a lifestyle shot, demonstrating what it would be like to host a party or spend time in your redesigned backyard.

Pin It As A Post

Now that you’ve mapped out the content of your carousel ad, you will want to maximize its placement by pinning it to the top of your feed. Once you’ve created the ad, you will be re-directed back to the ads manager dashboard. Navigate to the ad creative on the upper right side of your screen, and below ‘objective’ there is a link entitled ‘See post.’ Follow the link, and you will now see your ad as it appears to your audience in their news feed! Then, click the share button, and select ‘share on a page you manage’ to post it to your company page. Once you reach the confirmation page that it has been shared, Facebook gives you the option to view the post, at which time you can click the arrow dropdown at the top and select ‘pin to top.’ Voilà!

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