How to Manage Online Reviews

How to Manage Online ReviewsOnline reviews are extremely important for a business, because customers typically look at these reviews before they make a purchase. The way that a business responds to the reviews is also part of the customer’s decision. If a business is unkind or not willing to make things right with unhappy consumers, potential customers might take a look at other companies who provide the same products or services. Getting positive reviews for your business is exciting! Getting negative reviews can put a damper on things; however, the way you respond will definitely make an impact on how potential customers look at your business. Here are some tips for how to manage your online reviews.


Track Reviews Regularly

Getting new reviews isn’t always easy, but when they do come in you should be ready to respond in a timely manner. Reviews can be written at any time and it’s your company’s job to monitor reviews regularly. Setting up alerts for when you receive a new review and checking for new reviews at the beginning of each day will help you respond to your reviews promptly. It’s important to respond to reviews, whether they are positive or negative, in a timely manner–especially if the review is negative. By not responding to negative reviews, you’re not showing your customers that you acknowledge their concerns and are willing to make things right. 


Responds to Reviews all the same way

The most important thing to keep in mind while writing a response to a review is to have a strong customer service attitude and a friendly writing style. This is easy to do in reviews where the customer is complimenting the work your business is doing; however, it can be a challenge in negative reviews. When responding to a negative review, do not get too emotional in your response. It’s important to not come across as a business that’s defensive about mistakes. In your response to negative reviews, you should always provide options to rectify the situation. Offer a phone number or email address where they can get in touch with you or a manager directly to discuss ways you can make things right. Unfortunately, this bad review might remain online, but responding to it with a friendly tone and solutions to the problem will show future customers that you value good customer service. 


Never Falsify Reviews

The last thing you want is fake reviews for your business. You should never create reviews on your own or ask friends to fill out reviews. Not only could this lead to some serious penalties if fake reviews are discovered, this will also damage your business’ reputation. Fake reviews are never a good idea and they will affect the trust consumers have in your company. 


82% of consumers say they would avoid using a brand after losing trust in the business

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