How To Handle Online Harassment On Facebook

When it comes to the reputation of a business, monitoring your social media presence is very important. Many businesses can face negative comments or some form of harassment. These can often come from unhappy customers or even former employees. While this isn’t the most pleasant topic to talk about, it’s important that your team knows how to handle this if it does happen.

First things first; your business should have a plan in place on how to handle online harassment. This should be monitored daily by the person responsible for managing your social media accounts. The longer a negative post stays unaddressed on your page, the more time other people have to see it. We want to stress that there is a difference between a negative post and online harassment. Not all negative posts need to be removed; sometimes it is even beneficial to respond to the negative comment to show that your company responds promptly and is willing to work with unhappy customers. Harassment posts can be anything from slandering or threatening the businesses name, employees, or even the boss.


On Facebook, businesses have the capability to hide comments based on a set of keywords. So depending on these words that you create, if someone comments on any of your posts using one of them, Facebook will automatically hide the comment. The post will show that there are hidden comments which aren’t always a good look. But then a team member can then go in and delete the comment altogether.


If there is someone who is harassing one of your social media channels, you do have the capability to block the user’s account altogether across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is the best option if you are dealing with an online troll.


Last but certainly not least, you have the option to report a user’s account to the platform directly, and they will handle them. This could be reporting each specific user for abusive content or spam.

If your business is facing harassment on social media, do something about it as your companies image is on the line.

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