How to Grow Your Following Using Social Media Giveaways

Grow Your Following using Social Media GiveawaysEveryone loves free stuff. This is the number one reason why giveaways can be so powerful. Potential customers are willing to like, share, and provide valuable information to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies in exchange for a chance to win something for free—even if the odds of winning are low. Keep reading to learn the best practices on social media giveaways to boost engagement and gain followers. 


Choosing Participation

Since this is your giveaway, you can ask participants to enter with any action you’d like. Here are some creative ways to ask for an entry.


Like & Follow

This is perhaps the most common way to ask for an entry because it requires the least amount of effort. The main benefit here is that (hopefully) your content will end up on their feed and future posts will receive more impressions and engagement. 


Comment & Tag a Friend

More engagement equals more impressions. If you want to boost the visibility of your post, encourage people to leave a unique comment related to the giveaway. For example, you could ask them to comment where they would want to take their next vacation and to tag the friend they would take with them. This can introduce more people to your page, ensuring that your followers have better visibility of the giveaway post. 


Asking for opinion comments is also a powerful way to gain insight into your customers. For example, if you were to post 5 colors of the same product and asked participants to comment which color they want to win, you could predict which item would be most popular and order inventory accordingly. 


Depending on which social media platform you’re hosting your giveaway on, you can ask participants to share the social media giveaway in their stories or their feed for an extra entry. This is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness.

Use a Unique Hashtag

Asking participants to use a unique hashtag to enter a giveaway is a great way to keep track of participation. Make sure to check if the hashtag exists already before promoting it. 

Giveaway Managers

Using giveaway managers like Hive and Gleam can help simplify the entry process while keeping track of participants’ activity. You can even set more specific entries, such as visiting a landing page. This platform also allows you to collect information on your participants such as gender, age, location, name, email address, etc. These services cost money and can also be more demanding for participants. For best results, use these services for giving away major prizes. 


How to Promote a Giveaway

Giveaways should be promoted on all social media channels. You can simplify this process by linking to the original giveaway or choose 1 winner from each social media platform. Additionally, cross-promotion with other brands and influencers can extend the reach of your social media giveaway. Finally, feature a link to your giveaway on your homepage and in e-blasts. 


Choosing a Winner

Always announce the winner on social media! This is very important. People are skeptical of companies in general, so they need confirmation that an actual person won and the giveaway was not rigged. Make sure to tag the winner on social media if possible and share their gratitude post if they make one. This will encourage more giveaway participation in the future. 




Contests with prizes of $1000 or more receive an engagement rate of 5.8% per 100 followers.



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