How to Get Last Minute eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a crunch, and while you likely got your eCommerce business positioned early, do you have the stamina to entice the procrastinators? It’s no surprise that many people still have a few items left unticked on their lists. It’s a good idea to shift your digital marketing strategy during the last few weeks of the holiday season to gain even more traction with your consumers. As you likely already know, people rely on social media during their buying process. They are also more likely to buy if they see your product more than once and if the content is relatable. Here are a few ways to get a boost in eCommerce sales this holiday season.

Create Enticing Promotions

You already know your audience; what are they looking for? Are they on the hunt for the perfect New Years Eve dress? If your business is a small boutique and your goal is to increase online sales, this is your time to shine! Use a few great last minute deals to engage your audience and give them a great deal on exactly what they’re looking for. Keep in mind that your competition will likely be doing the same, so what is it that sets your product apart from the rest?

Use Online Ads

Great, you now have an awesome and original promotion to offer your customers. The next step is to get it in front of them. Using social media ads – we’re talking Facebook, Google, Pinterest and other social platform ads to get your product promotion directly in front of your audience. Assumedly, you have done the data mining that gave you the insight to the best platform to advertise on. Now, it’s just a manner of creating the ad. Some good rules of thumb are not to bog your image down with text, keep your copy simple, and use exciting language. There will be an incredible amount of ads running this holiday season, so make sure you’re ad stands out!

Monitor Your Progress

Social media marketing is all about experimenting and being flexible with your strategy. Creating engaging ads and pushing them out into the world is only part one. If you aren’t constantly monitoring and tweaking your content, you’ll never know if they could have gotten you even more sales. We always suggest a/b testing and then running with the top performer. Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll be a pro at ad-creation. Make sure you track those goals using your Google Analytics.

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