How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog
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One of the greatest things about writing evergreen blog posts is the ability to share the content more than once on social media. After all, if a post takes you a couple of hours to write, why wouldn’t you want to get the most mileage out of that time and effort?

Ultimately, there needs to be a happy medium when re-sharing your blog entries. If you post the same thing too frequently, people might think you don’t have much else to say. But if you don’t share it enough, your content might fall off people’s radar altogether.

So, how often should you re-share the content from your blog? Like the frequency of your other content, it really comes down to the platform itself. This might be once every month or two on Facebook, depending on how active you keep the channel. On Pinterest, it’s probably safe to share your blog once for each interesting picture you have on the post. As for that mile-a-minute Twitter account you’ve been managing, the number of blog shares all comes down to creativity.

Twitter is a great place for consistently repurposing blog posts, as long as you can find new ways to present the information. So, how can you re-tell the same 500-word story without letting your tweets go stale? Here are some different ways you can tweet out your favorite posts.

Share the title.

This type of tweet might not rank very high on the originality scale, but there was a reason for you choosing your blog post’s title in the first place. A well-written title usually gives readers an idea of what the content will be about and is attention grabbing when done right.


Share the Title | How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

Get their wheels turning.

Is there an interesting question that crossed your mind while writing your blog? The same thoughts may have stricken your readers in waiting. If you can stop and make them think, they will be more inclined to click through to see what you have to say.


Ask questions | How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

Tweet a photo.

In a cluttered stream of words, pictures truly are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. Share a photo from your blog, or create one using the countless tools available online. You might be surprised to see how well your audience reacts!


Tweet a Photo | How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

Offer a nugget of wisdom.

Give your audience a sneak peek by sharing some key facts found in your blog’s content. Have you written your post in the form of a listicle? Share each point as a different tweet and keep them wanting more!


Offer a Tip | How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

Squash a myth.

What are the common misconceptions about your chosen topic? Use a tweet to set the record straight! There are plenty of fun ways to spill the beans and draw interest.


Squash a Myth | How To Freshen Up Tweets About Your Blog

How do you find fresh ways to tweet out your content? Share your tips in the comments.

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