How to Create The Best Facebook Content For Your Business Page


Picture Credit: @ihavethisthingwithpink
Picture Credit: @ihavethisthingwithpink

The best Facebook content is content that makes people interested in your business. But for many business owners, it can be difficult to determine what qualifies as good, shareable content. The trick is finding the balance between the most crucial company information and what people will respond to the most.

Different types of content will work better for you, depending on your business and the industry you’re in. And above all else, staying true to your brand will help you develop great Facebook content. Here are four types of content to help you get started:


Establishing your brand on Facebook is as simple as regularly posting information about your company, whether that’s company history or the types of products and services you provide. The main objective for your Facebook business page should be to establish your brand’s presence on social media. Whether you’re using it to promote ads, provide extra customer service, or communicate with fans, it’s important that people know what your business can offer.

Company Culture

People love to connect on social media, and the number one rule to remember is that people connect with people. Openly posting about team bonding, new hires, or company milestones invites your Facebook fans to celebrate your company culture with you. By showing who you are as a company, your clients become more invested in the success of your business.

Industry Knowledge

Presenting your company as knowledgeable proves your expertise and gives you industry credibility. The best way to do this is to provide Facebook fans with useful information related to your business. For example, a cosmetics company could post makeup tutorials, tips on how often consumers should be buying fresh product, and what ingredients go into their products. By creating content that goes beyond product marketing, you’re showing your Facebook fans you care about their entire experience as a consumer, not just making sales. Giving them more than just a product not only creates more knowledgeable consumers, but also builds brand trust and loyalty.

Client Spotlights

A great way to connect with clients is by directly shining the spotlight on them. Written client testimonials are incredibly valuable and make great Facebook content. Not only do they establish your company’s credibility, but they also show clients that you care about their opinions. Client testimonials don’t always come in written form; featuring a photo a customer took of your product shows your Facebook fans that people are happy about your products and are talking about them on their own social media. Being featured by a brand is exciting for a lot of consumers and encourages them to share more. Talk about engaging content!

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