How To Create Promoted Pins People Will Actually Click On


Pinterest has evolved far beyond a place to find the perfect wedding dress or to discover a recipe for a mouthwatering lasagna dish made from scratch. The social bookmarking platform has transformed into a marketplace filled with online shoppers searching for ideas. If you can show them ways to your product fits these ideas, you’re on the path to success. By using Promoted Pins, you can make sure your brand appears in relevant search results and reaches new users who are likely to have an interest in your brand. In fact, 70% of Pinterest sales come from brand new customers, proving just how effective a sales tool Promoted Pins can be. But before you jump right into the Pinterest advertising pool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t use horizontal images.

Pinterest’s design favors long, vertical images – while you can upload horizontal or landscape images, they tend to get lost in the feed. Vertical images perform best, but make sure your pin isn’t so long that users have to scroll down to see the whole pin. Upload colorful, eye-catching photos that clearly communicate a message of what users can expect if they click.

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Target audiences wisely, not widely.

Pinterest allows you to include up to 150 keywords in a promoted pin. But this doesn’t mean you should use that many! Many people make the mistake of adding as many keywords as possible, but this often results in low click-throughs and conversions. Instead, try to have a more focused and targeted approach. In addition to focusing on targeting users, include keywords that are relevant to what’s being offered in the pin and the web page you’re directed traffic to.

Don’t direct to a lead generation landing page.

Pinterest users are only able to see a glimpse of what you’re offering in a pin, and they typically click to learn more about your offer. So if you send them to a page requesting contact information rather than information about your offer, it’s likely they will lose interest. Instead, link to a web page that shares information about your offer and gives the user the choice to convert.

 Don’t scream your Calls to Action.

Pinterest is somewhat particular about the types of CTAs you’re allowed to use within a promoted pin. Promotional information, such as “SALE!” or “Limited Time Offer!” aren’t likely to make the cut. Instead, think about CTAs that offer a solution or provide something of use to the viewer, rather than a sales pitch. Remember – users come to Pinterest for pretty pictures and creative ideas, not to drown in advertisements.


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