How to Change Your Target Audience on Social Media

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Companies constantly reinvent themselves to increase sales, avoid a stigma, or generate new business. If your company is moving in a different direction, your target audience will most likely need to change as well. Follow these steps to keep your social media audience on par with your new company goals.

Change Your Writing Tone

Creating a new online identity for your company doesn’t necessarily mean you need to delete your established digital presence. One of the simplest ways to start attracting a new audience is to change your writing tone and the content you share. For example, if your business was once focused on solely making a profit but is now more eco-conscious, talk about your positive changes and share other tips on reducing your carbon footprint.

Adjust Your Advertising Audience

Start advertising and boosting posts that will be shown to people in your new target audience. On Facebook, you can create custom audiences based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors, so you should have a keen understanding of who your new ideal customer is before you set these ads up.

Consider Using Different Social Media Channels

As your company takes a new path, it might be time to consider using different social media channels altogether. For example, if your business was once laid back and fun, but now wants to be taken more seriously in your industry, creating a company LinkedIn page may be necessary. Once you’ve found the best social media channels for your business, don’t forget the five places to promote your new online presence!

Monitor the Changes

Make sure the changes you’ve made are paying off by monitoring your demographics each month. Every social media channel (with the exception of Instagram right now) provides a detailed breakdown of who your largest audience is by gender, age, and more. Don’t expect these analytics to change overnight, give this new approach a few months before you consider reevaluating your strategy. The smaller your audience adjustments are, the longer it will take to see your desired results.

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