How To Build A Cross-Channel Social Media Campaign

One thing we always mention to our clients during the strategy process is the idea that multiple social channels are better than one. Any strong Cross Promotionmarketing mix utilizes a variety of channels to meet campaign objectives.

So now that you’ve finally figured out how to run a campaign on Facebook, it’s time you graduate to the big leagues: Cross-channel marketing.


Step 1: Identify Where Your Audience Is

Not every channel may be relevant for your audience. If you are targeting business professionals, for example, a network like Pinterest may not be your best bet, but LinkedIn and Facebook show promise. Really dial in on the platforms that your potential customers will be using.


Step 2: Build A Landing Page

Depending on your campaign goals, build a landing page to get visitors to convert. Let’s use the professionals audience example again. If you are looking for leads, build an easy to use contact form, with calls to action listed at the top of page. If everything goes well, you will be funneling traffic from multiple sources, and you need to give all of them a reason for being there. Branding should be consistent with the ads that brought them there, and nobody should be left wondering “What do I do next?”


Step 3: Produce Unique Creative

Your audience is on multiple social platforms for a reason. Many organizations make the mistake of sharing the same content across every marketing channel. While a central theme for a campaign is always a good idea, each social network has its own preferred content. Twitter will focus on less text-heavy posts. Instagram will be images. YouTube is video. Make an effort to understand the platforms you will be utilizing, and create content that matches their best practices, while still connecting to your central marketing theme. This will help avoid ad fatigue.

There you have it, a high-level guide to setting up your first cross-channel marketing campaign. We could write for days about this topic, and still barely scratch the surface. At the core is the need for a central campaign objective that ties into the unique content on multiple social media channels. Today’s example just used two social networks, but in reality, you can have any combination of networks at play together. In fact, most major brands do. If you’re interested in learning more about expanding your organization’s marketing repertoire, we’d love to help you get started.



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