How to Brand Your Company Event Through Social Media


When your company organizes special events, this is the perfect time to market your brand and capitalize on the event with social media. The content you gather from the “big day” can be used to give a boost to your social media personality by showing off your company culture and utilizing the content that comes of it. Using a company event such as a conference, party, luncheon, etc. to gather photos, video, and testimonials will provide you with an abundant amount of content to show off online.

Establish Event Protocol for Attendees

Before your event, establish a social media protocol for those attending. Develop a plan for how you want others to interact online. Create an event hashtag that attendees and those involved can use across all social media channels. This is the quickest way to brand your event. Share this hashtag everywhere in the days and weeks before the day of the event. Encourage attendees to take selfies, video, and livestream if the event permits. By establishing a hashtag for everyone to use you are ensuring that any photos posted are branded with your company name. This will bring awareness to your business and the event and will create buzz online.

Create a Plan for Employees

If your event is centered on the employees of your company, establish a way for them to leverage the event on social media. Remember, your employees can be your biggest brand advocates. Create a strategy you would like your employees to follow. How should they be tagging their tweets and photos? What parts of the event are appropriate to post on social and which are not? Having a plan in place that you can share with your team will ensure that you have control of the message being shared online and can get the most out of the event.

Create Content for Yourself

If you’re having an event for your company, make the most of the day! Plan out how the event is going to go and how social media will play a role in your day. Is there an opportunity for you to take video or livestream on your company page? Are there guests in attendance who you can interview for a quick testimonial? Get creative and try to create the most amount of content during this special occasion. The more content you gather, the more you will be able to share online until your next big event. Read more about how attending company events helps with content creation!

With a plan in place, your company can show off its event and different side of your business. Keeping the messaging consistent and having a strategic plan in place will allow you to leverage the event and showcase your brand on each social media channel. Not sure how to create the best content from your company event? Our services may be able to help! Learn more about Katie Wagner Social Media’s different services here.




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