How Social Media Can Help You Find the Best Employees

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Cover letters and resumes are the classic way to find the best applicants for your open positions, but what if you’re searching for more? Social media channels can be a fantastic tool for promoting, connecting, and learning more about your potential new staff. Here are three reasons to incorporate social media into your hiring process.

Promote Your Position to a Larger Audience

More than one billion people reportedly have at least one social media account and new users are added every single day. Use this massive audience to promote your open position and find the best applicant for the job. Forget hiring a recruiter, social media can be an effective avenue for finding your dream employee with the help of targeted ads. Refine your audience by advertising your position to people who live nearby, have achieved the required education level, and desired work experience. Also, try promoting the job opening on your social media channels for free. Your fan base can be a fantastic referral network because they already have a genuine interest in your company and likely understand your brand voice.

Learn More from LinkedIn Profiles

In a standard setting, an applicant’s entire work experience must be crammed onto a one-page resume and lots of important information can be left out for spatial reasons. The largest professional networking site, LinkedIn, gives job seekers an unlimited amount of space to explain their work history. Connect with potential applicants on LinkedIn to learn more about their qualifications, what colleagues have recommended them for, and what their connections believe are their strongest skills.

Get an Inside Glimpse of Life Outside the Office

Other social media accounts can give you a deeper glimpse into an applicant’s personality. If your company thrives on creativity and self-expression, you may find Instagram is a great tool for examining a potential new hire’s artistic side. Combing through these social channels can give you insight on how an applicant conducts himself or herself outside of a professional setting. While viewing an employee’s personal profile is a great way to learn more about them, it shouldn’t be the only information you take into account. Find the best employees for your business by using all aspects of social media.

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