Empire Avenue: How Much is Your Social Network Worth?

Have you ever wondered what you’re worth? If you’re not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, there’s a new tool/game to measure your influence on the internet. It’s called Empire Avenue and it’s quickly gaining momentum. I first heard of it via Twitter and Facebook when I saw my friends “buying” each other. Naturally, I was curious. How could you buy someone?

Empire Avenue is the social media stock exchange. It is a mock up of the real stock exchange and gives value to everything you do on the internet – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Your activity on these networks earns your Eaves (virtual currency) which in turn allows you to invest in others or “buy” your friends. Like any new shiny social media thing, it’s addictive and fun and you can even create your own ticker!

So why would you want to be on Empire Avenue? Is it going to be another waste of time? Hardly. It will take some time to adjust to, get set up and figure out however like anything social media, it’s another way to connect, meet new people, and expand your social reach. Your worth allows you to determine how active and influential you are. There’s a lot that you can learn from your activities all while earning achievements.

To get started, check out Empire Avenue’s support page. Once you’re setup, check out my profile – e(SBEASLA) and let’s connect on the social media stock exchange!

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