How Fitness Professionals Can Engage Followers On Instagram


If you’re finding yourself hitting a plateau on your Instagram game, we’ve come up with a variety of content that will give you fresh, new ideas on what to post, while also helping you to engage your followers.

Whether you’re a personal trainer or the owner of a fitness center, these content creation tips for fitness professionals will help you get your Instagram feed in the best shape it can be. Here are more of our Instagram tips for fitness professionals:

Tip Them Off

Who doesn’t love insider information? From the latest big brand deals to the best way to target your abs, post useful information, nutrition tips, and exercise suggestions your followers will find helpful. Is your fitness center offering a deal for new members? Post a photo advertising the offer and ask followers to tag a friend that may be interested. Did you know avocados are a great form of healthy fat? Share that health insight with your followers!

Give Them Words To Live By

Posting motivational messages or quotes on your Instagram feed helps connect with your followers as well as promotes positivity. Health doesn’t just have to do with your body, it begins with a positive mindset and a decision to change your lifestyle for the better. If you can ignite willpower in your followers, urging them to be the best they can be, you’re improving their lives in ways an extra set of burpees can’t touch.

Make Them Sweat

Challenge your followers with workouts posted to your Instagram account! You can include quick instructional videos or pictures to help them with form. Whether it’s a weekend challenge or just a new workout move, sharing exercise tips will not only position you as a go-to fitness professional, but also give your followers the option of switching up their day-to-day workout routines.

Keep Them Coming Back

Follower engagement is crucial to the success of your social media accounts on any platform, but having a dedicated following on Instagram can give you a major advantage. From hosting giveaways to featuring gym members to encouraging followers to post pictures of their progress using a dedicated hashtag, there are lots of ways to create an exciting sense of community around your brand.


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