Heat Up Your Instagram Page This Summer

August is here, which means we’re in the heat of the summer. 


Just as summer is heating up, consider heating up your business’s Instagram page with these few simple tactics. 

sunglasses on a beach at sunset
Implementing these few Instagram tricks this summer will ensure that your company’s Instagram page is so bright that your followers will need sunglasses!

Post Timely Photos & Captions

Instagram sees over 95 million posts per day from accounts all around the world. This means that users on the app are inundated with information and posts to look at, so making sure that your business’s post adds value and captures viewers’ attention is the best way to help get your Instagram content in front of the most people. 


One of the best ways to add content for viewers is to post about timely topics. These timely topics and photos can be directly related to your business, like a photo of a new product you are now stocking or a summer sale. They can also be tied to greater community topics that are timely, such as the Summer Olympics this year or a local summer outing that your team recently participated in. 


Make Sure Posts are Aesthetic Alone and On Your Page 

Instagram began as and will always be a visual platform, whether your business chooses to post photos or videos here. 


With this in mind, make sure that your posts look good by themselves as they will appear in other people’s Instagram feeds or on the Discover page. You should also make sure that they have a cohesive look together when they are displayed as thumbnails on your business’s profile page. 


To give your page a cohesive look, consider using similar colors or filters in each post,  consistently shoot with the same camera (iPhone, Android, or professional), and make sure that when possible the photos you post fit your brand style standards. 


Keep Your Hashtag Strategy Up-to-Date

Hashtags on Instagram are one of the main ways that people who aren’t following you can discover your hashtagged posts and learn more about your product or service offerings highlighted in said post. 


It’s a good idea to always include a few of the same hashtags. These include your company name, ones related to your industry, and a marketing campaign hashtag if applicable; in other posts make sure to include a set of new hashtags every now and again. This will signal to Instagram that you are posting different things, not just the same thing over and over. Currently, Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to a post and 10 hashtags per Instagram story. 


Trying out these simple yet effective Instagram tips will help your business’s page be seen by more people, and ensure that the time you put into creating your Instagram presence is time well spent. 


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