Google Streamlines Profiles, Adds New About Me Page

Google_About MeGoogle recently launched a new page called About Me, which gives users the ability to control personal information and manage various Google profiles from one place. It’s the perfect tool for people managing multiple profiles under the search engine giant.

Whether or not you’re responsible for a number of profiles, read on to learn what the new About Me page can offer you.


Streamlined Control Over Your Personal Information

Google is granting users easier management over their information by putting controls in one place. Changes you make to your About Me page will show up across all Google services, including Drive, Photos, Google+, YouTube and more. If you look at your page for the first time, you’ll see that your About Me page will have already pulled in whatever information you’ve listed on your Google profiles. Information displayed on your About Me page includes your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, work history, location, and more. Most of this information can be edited or erased, but if you delete your name and photo completely, your Google accounts will be deleted too.

Increased Privacy Protection

Although privacy settings are still the same, the About Me page offers an overview of all your privacy settings on Google with the new “privacy checkup” wizard. This makes your basic privacy settings easier to find, review and ultimately control.


Google’s new page, although not necessary, may serve to simplify navigation across channels. With information collected and managed from a single hub, editing and controlling what information is available could make the Google services experience easier for some users.

To learn more about editing your account, you can check out the Google Account Help Center.


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