Get The Best Bang For Your Buck With Videos

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Filling your closet with multi-purpose clothing is the same thing as filling your content closet with videos. They’re versatile, engaging, and are one of the pieces of content you can have. Get the most out of the videos you make by using them in these three different ways…


Shareable Clips 


The greatest thing about having a video is that you automatically have a bunch of short videos that you can use throughout your social content. By cutting up your video into multiple short clips, you’ll be able to get a lot more use out of your video. Short clips are perfect for sharing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram where people can easily, and quickly, digest and share them with their friends and family. This way, instead of sharing one long-form video once, you get to share your video multiple times, at more than one time.




Photos and copy are staples of blogs, but videos can contribute in a large way. They’re great pieces to incorporate into your content and can attract more people to your page. Whether it’s a tutorial or lifestyle video, adding this element onto your blog creates a whole new feel and dimension to your brand. Having a video on your blog also sets you up to utilize the short-form video technique. If you cut up your tutorial into short video clips, you’ll be able to share them at different times and on different social channels to entice people to click to your blog to find out more.




While video is both a visual and auditory experience, you can create a whole new experience by working with only one of those pieces. If you pull the audio from your video, you can either turn it into a podcast (best if it’s informational or Q&A) or use it to pull quotes from that can be turned into graphics. In both instances, you’ll be able to create unique pieces of content using the same source.


Once you have your videos, learn how to measure your success on social media!

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