Four Ways to Improve Your Company’s Facebook Page

Whatever the reasons a company decides to make a business page on Facebook, there are two main areas of focus every company page should have: growing fans and increasing reach. Yet Facebook’s algorithm can make this more difficult than you’d expect; studies show that only 16% of your content is actually shown to your fans. Short of phoning Mark Zuckerberg himself, there isn’t much we can do to change this statistic. We can, however, give you four quality strategies for improving your company’s page that will ultimately lead to a more engaged and active audience – thereby gaining fans and bolstering your reach.

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Know Your Audience

Making assumptions about your audience is the quickest way to miss the mark when creating content and setting up ad targeting on Facebook. Instead of designing content and ads based on who you think your audience is, utilize the power of Facebook analytics to target your true fan base. Simply click on the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of your company page, then click on the ‘Audience’ tab on the left. From there, you can learn about your page’s target age group, gender distribution, and your fans’ most active hours on Facebook, as well as a host of other metrics. Once you know who your audience is, you can create content that’s not only better suited to them, but that is more likely to reach them, despite Facebook’s algorithm.

Embed a Post

If you’ve got a blog that gets a good amount of traction, you should leverage it to promote particularly good or noteworthy Facebook content. This will help your page in two ways: it shows your subscribers that your company is also active on social media, and it is a free way of advertising your page to gain likes without ad spend. It’s also is a fun and interesting way of shaking up your blog content to give your readers something new to engage with.

Advertise Your Administrators

When your business is very closely connected to a strong, recognizable or influential figurehead, you should advertise them as the administrator of the page. Even if your listed administrators are not the ones actively managing the page, the recognition factor alone should be enough to garner new fans and engage interested users. To list them on your page, go into your ‘Settings’ then click ‘Page Settings.’ They will appear in the ‘About Me’ section once you save your changes.

 Create a Call to Action

Last but not least, include a call to action on your page to encourage your audience to take the next step, whatever that may be. Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your website, get signups for your e-mail list, or simply become a fan of the page, including a call to action is a subtle way of directing your audience toward the action you’d like them to take.

Facebook is always changing, but we’ve got you covered with the most up-to-date information available! Connect with us on Facebook for the latest social media news.

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