Foundations of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Man laying a paving brick placing it on the sand foundation in a low angle view.The online presence of a small business is incredibly important. For most businesses, the first point of contact with a consumer happens online. As the world continues to move to an increasingly digital landscape the online presence of your brand remains pivotal.While successful digital marketing is the result of many elements working together, we recommend small businesses focus on four critical pieces: website functionality, social media presence, discoverability and clear communication of products or services. 


Website Functionality

Your website is the hub of your online presence. Living in the digital age, we have gotten impatient. If your site’s pages or functions take a long time to load, you may lose a potential customer. There is nothing stopping a potential consumer from hitting the back button and choosing a different site or business for the service or product they are looking for. Assuming you have put time and effort into SEO and website discoverability , having a slow website may be curbing your site traffic. Whether it’s a caching issue or server related, a slow site is never good news. 


Did you know that for every additional click a website requires out of its customers that traffic declines 25%? This is why it is more important than ever to have an efficient, streamlined user experience that gets your consumer immediately to the desired landing page. Potential customers should be able to find who you are, what you do and where to contact you or place an order as quickly as possible. Efficiency is key. You don’t want customers to work hard for information about your company or business. 


Social Media Presence

As social media increasingly becomes more prevalent in everyday people’s lives it’s created a significant shift in how customers consume brand media.. No longer do marketing campaigns rely solely on email campaigns or commercial advertisements to engage consumers but they are shifting towards connecting with consumers on a social medium in order to start creating that pivotal brand-consumer connection. As our social lives have become more dependent on social media, small businesses are forced to embrace this new rise of culture or sit on the sidelines and watch as their market share shrinks with the changing social tides. 


Clear Product Communication

Communication of a product needs to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. Point A needs to directly lead to Point B. That being said, small businesses often throw a lot of complicated information at a consumer. Stick to clear and concise talking points that easily define your brand and your product.  What is your brand? What is your product? It should be so obvious to a consumer what you’re selling and why you’re selling it that their understanding of your product is almost instantaneous. 


If you’re a small business trying to navigate the digital landscape, be sure to check your business’ website functionality, social media presence and make sure your media has clear product communication. These are the steps that will serve as the foundation for you to grow and expand your business to new heights. 


If an eCommerce site loads slower than expected, over 45% of people admit they are less likely to make a purchase.


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    When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, it is all about building a foundation. There are certain, basic tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, such as social media and creating great content.

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