Financial Experts See Value in Twitter Data

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As your week winds down, tech experts prove they are just getting started. Facebook is playing with the idea of adding a new thumb to their roster, Twitter’s analytics are catching the eye of financial advisors, and Snapchat is adding new incentives for you to pay for their services.

Rumored Facebook Feature Gets a Thumbs Down

A counterpart to Facebook’s friendliest feature could be coming to a computer screen near you… yes, we’re talking about a “dislike” button. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg held a Town Hall meeting to defend the potential new plan. Zuckerberg explained, “We didn’t just want to build a dislike button,” adding that he doesn’t want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people’s posts.  What they really want is to be able to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment and if you’re sharing something sad…then it may not feel comfortable to ‘like’ that post, but your friends want to express that they understand and that they relate to you.” The social media savant admits creating this new button has been challenging. A limited number of users will be the first to try the “dislike” button and, if that test is successful, Zuckerberg says it will go public.

Bloomberg Deal Highlights Value of Social Media Data

On Wednesday, Bloomberg confirmed a new deal with Twitter to integrate more tweet data into the way they do business. The partnership means financial professionals will be able to track data based on a larger volume of tweets and maximize their trading outcomes based on the insight data. Officials announced the new Bloomberg platform will include a “live feed of curated financial tweets, alerts on spikes of tweet activity related to companies, sentiment analysis and the ability to graph historical Twitter volume related to securities or topics.”

Snapchat Lets You Replay… For a Price

The vanishing photo app is getting less bashful with users who are willing to pay up. Executives announced on Tuesday that you can now pay $0.99 for three additional replays per day. A blog released by the company explained, “we realized — a Replay is like a compliment! So why stop at just one?” But buyer beware, you must choose carefully because each individual Snapchat can only be replayed once. Snapchat also unveiled a new update to its millions of users. The latest feature includes a special effect called “Lenses” that allows users to take their selfies to a whole new level. Snapchat says the lenses will be updated and rotated each day.

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