Facebook’s Latest Change is Music to Your Ears

Facebook is turning things up to 11 for both its Stories and Newsfeed by adding music.   Meanwhile, Twitter wants to take conversations even more real-time with the introduction of icebreakers.   And Snapchat continues to feel the pressure from other platforms, most importantly, Instagram.  These are some of the stories making news in social media this week. 

Facebook Mixes Music Into Your Content

Facebook is hoping to enhance your experience by adding the option to use music in your content.  According to Forbes, Facebook is making several changes to bring some songs to your posts.  Among the recent changes is Lip Sync Live, an interactive feature that allows users to live-stream sing-alongs to many popular tunes.  The platform is also giving you the ability to add music to photos and videos to content on both Stories and the Newsfeed.

These latest changes are a result of the platform working with the music industry on a more cooperative relationship for sharing content.

How will you utilize music in your posts?

Twitter Wants More Live Chat

You may be having interactive chats on Twitter already, but the platform is looking to bring the Twittersphere even closer together.

According to the Verge, Twitter is testing status indicators that will help bring online users together to discuss topics real-time. The platform also is creating icebreakers that will encourage more real-time dialogue between users that are online.  The Verge’s Casey Newton got a sneak preview with Twitter execs and designers.


The main goal: Better dialogue.


The platform has found itself caught in various mini waves of negativity and pessimism, and Twitter executives are looking to promote more positive discussions.  Will these new enhancements change your Twitter habits?


Snapchat’s Sees More Struggles

It’s still a hit with the youngest demographic, but can Snapchat stop its slide of social media users venturing away from the originator of the disappearing photo and video messaging platform.

A recent Bloomberg article documented the troubles for the platform’s parent company, Snap Inc.

Daily users fell for the second consecutive quarter and company executives told the media company that they anticipate more attrition in the fourth quarter of 2018.  The platform has faced several issues in recent times.  They include:

  • Turnover of its executive staff
  • A redesign that users panned
  • Struggles on the Android side of the app
  • Continued threats from Instagram on the organic side
  • The battle for ad placement against giants Facebook and Google

On the positive side, Snap has been investing in content of the sporting and entertainment variety from its media partners, including both ESPN and People Magazine.  But Bloomberg also pointed out some struggles with other partners. The media company reported that Conde Nast is discontinuing its Snapchat channels for Vogue, Wired, and GQ brands.

How is your brand using Snapchat?

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