Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Twitter’s Bot Revamp, Instagram Story Ads Go Global | Social Media Trends

Facebook’s Algorithm Change, Twitter’s Bot Revamp, Instagram Story Ads Go Global | Social Media Trends
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Social giant Facebook has always valued its users’ interests. So to keep your timeline tailored to exactly what you want to see, the platform will soon be changing up its algorithm in terms of the way it ranks posts based on what you are liking and sharing.

Meanwhile, Instagram has launched a mass roll out of its Instagram Stories ad features, and Twitter is taking a more human approach when it comes to its automated bot services in this week’s social media trends!

Instagram Stories Ads Go Global

 After a successful test campaign back in January, Instagram released its Instagram Stories ad feature, allowing all businesses worldwide the ability to purchase full-screen ads in between videos.

The ads can be purchased via Facebook’s Marketing API and will allow for detailed targeting and reach, similar to current Facebook ads.

With an estimated 100 million people using Instagram Stories daily, the new ads feature is undoubtedly a great way to expand your brand awareness and reach like never before.

Will you take advantage of the new ads feature?

Twitter Gives Human Touch To Customer Service AI

 ChatBots are quickly becoming the norm for businesses worldwide.

To give a touch of human emotion to its customer service automation, Twitter has plans to roll out Custom Profiles that will indicate whether a direct message is coming from an actual person or a business’s service chatbot, giving users better insight into with whom they are actually conversing.

Verified accounts will be given the option to brand their direct messages with photos and names of customer service representatives for a personal touch.

The lines between human interaction and AI are becoming blurred, but innovations such are helping to make the transition a slot smoother!

Facebook Changing Up Algorithm Post Scores

Facebook is taking a closer look at what your social habits are and is making another algorithm change that will rank posts in your timeline, based on their engagement history.

The new algorithm will take into account what posts are engaged with “emotion” (Love, Haha, Angry, etc.) versus a simple like.

The reason behind this being that it takes more time to express emotion over a post as opposed to a simple like, a gesture that means users prioritize certain posts over others according to Facebook. What are your thoughts on Facebook’s latest update?

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