Facebook Workplace: What You Need To Know To Get Down To Business

Social media giant, Facebook, is targeting business professionals with its intranet-like service, Workplace. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is “bringing success to your fingertips” with customized feeds on mobile and “save for later” articles, while Pinterest is offering more targeted options for ad campaigns.Facebook Workplace: What You Need To Know To Get Down To Business

These are the social media trending stories in the news this week!

LinkedIn’s Newest Update Puts You In Control

 Over the last several months, the LinkedIn team has been revamping its feed to give the control to users over what they want to see in their feed.

In a recent update, users can now quickly get up to speed on relevant industry news, while also discovering new trends and opinions from industry leaders on topics that matter based on personal preference.

In a move to help keep users up to date with interesting articles, there is now a bookmark icon that allows you to save an article for later.

The feature can be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of any article you may find in your newsfeed.

In a digital world where we are all on the go, LinkedIn is making it easier to keep connected to the things that matter most.

Pinterest Expands Ad Retargeting

 Pinterest is making it easier for you to get your ideas in front of the right audience with its latest ad targeting update.

 According to the Pinterest for Business blog, marketers using Ads Manager can now create audiences “built on people’s interest in a specific Pin that links to [their] website” and “retarget five specific actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes, and close-ups.”

In addition, Pinterest announced that now “it’s also possible to create audiences from the data associated with actions people take on your site” such as browsing a category, making a purchase, or signing up for your services.

Facebook Launches Workplace

 Facebook announced a new platform for businesses. It’s called Workplace. The product has the same looks as that of the social network site with a news feed and an app for chatting.

In a recent news release, the social giant stated their hope is to expand communication outside of the walls of the office, “from a shipping company that can now connect with their ship crews using Live video, to a bank that now uses Workplace instead of fax machines and newsletters to share updates with its distributed bank branches.”

Workplace is a pay service, and the price point is lower than its competitors like Slack, Yammer, and Hangouts.

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