Facebook Wants to Speed Up Your Slow Connection

Photo Credit: @maybeivy
Photo Credit: @maybeivy

This weekend the creative minds of social media are no doubt kicking their feet up and relaxing after an eventful week of reveals. Facebook crossed a milestone while also helping users with crummy cell service and Twitter announced a change that has many crying foul. Here’s a look at what you might’ve missed in social media news this week. 

Facebook Wants to Speed Up Your Slow Connection  

On Wednesday, Facebook announced a solution for you fed-up Android users who can’t seem to get a strong cell signal. The social media savants are revamping your News Feed to work better on sluggish mobile connections. Stories will still be ranked by relevance, but now you will see posts that your phone has already downloaded but didn’t get to show you during your last session. Android app users can also now comment on posts in the News Feed, even when they aren’t online. Your comment will hang in cyber limbo until an internet connection is established and the comment can then be posted. “Our mission with News Feed is to deliver the information and events that matter to you,” said Chris Struhar, a product manager at Facebook. “In order to do that we need to make sure Facebook works well regardless of what type of device you’re using or what type of network you’re on.”

Twitter Tests Timeline Order

Spring Cleaning is still eons away but Twitter can’t wait to reorganize your timeline. With the help of a small test group, Twitter has trashed their traditional real-time tweets and swapped them for more relevant stuff. The test makes the micro blogging site feel more like Facebook with a finicky algorithm which only shows users what they care about most. In a statement the company explained, “We’re continuing to explore ways to surface the best content for people using Twitter.” So far, news of the not-so-timely timeline has not been well received by faithful users.

Number of Facebook Business Pages Booms

Do you own a business page on Facebook? Congratulations, you’re in good company! On Tuesday, the social media giant announced a major milestone in their efforts to attract more business owners. The largest social media site now plays host to more than 50 million business pages, up from 40 million in April. When asked about the booming success, Facebook executive Michael Sharon explained, “People can contact businesses anytime and from any device, so we’re offering new tools for Pages to better manage their customer interactions.” The new features allow companies to indicate when they’re unable to respond to private messages and let customers know how quickly businesses respond to messages on average.

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