Facebook Wants to Pay to Watch Your Browsing

Recently, Facebook’s apps have undergone changes that are dedicated to making the user experience even better – especially following the F8 Conference. We’ve seen new stickers on Instagram, privacy features on Facebook, and every week, it seems like there is something new to “ooh and ahh” about. This week in the news, Facebook moves toward allowing you to volunteer your information in exchange for payment, and Instagram’s newest account option opens a world of opportunities to individuals.


Surf the Net; Get Paid by Facebook


Left and right, people are either complaining, freaked out, or fascinated at Facebook’s ability to show you an ad within minutes of thinking, talking, or researching a similar thought. Of course, no, Facebook does not know your thoughts, and it denies that it can hear your conversations.


The later option plays a big role in your collected data that Facebook uses to target you with ads. At F8 Conference this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a statement that Facebook will move toward a more private future. Slowly, there have been updates that align with the vision “The Future is Private.” But anyone who works in social media raised a skeptical eyebrow at that thought… how would they make money if they aren’t constantly collecting your unvolunteered data? Say hello to Study.


This week, Facebook launched a loop-hole app that will allow people to opt into sharing their information in exchange for payment. Study is an app that connects to your phone (and your PayPal for payments!) that follows your behaviors on your mobile device around. Study will collect which apps and how many you have on your phone, how much time you spend on each app, and your location by country. With the volunteered collected information, Facebook will still be able to make very educated guesses on how and why they target you. And the burning question… how much money can I make on Study? That has yet to be revealed, and currently, Study is only available to users who get targeted for it on their Facebook! Sneaky, Facebook.


Instagram Launches Creator Accounts


When Instagram created the option that distinguished business from personal accounts, everything changed. Instagram allowed business users to add a call to action in the bio, utilize limitless ad possibilities, and collect insights to analyze their mobile marketing.


Since that update, there has been a gray area for people that want to collect insights or who uses Instagram as a space to be an influencer. Instagram noticed a lot of personal accounts were moving to business accounts. However, it didn’t seem to quite fit. Introducing Creator Accounts.


Creator accounts are the accounts that sit between business and personal accounts and allow individuals to brand themselves such as influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, and more. With the creator account, you gain access to many features from business accounts like insights and the ability to tag products in posts, without having to have ownership of the brand of product you’re tagging.


Is a creator account right for you? First off – know that to be considered for this option, you must have a following of at least 10,000 and your account must be connected to a Facebook page. If you’re not quite to 10,000 followers, keep working toward that goal to use this option!


Did you know 70% of Instagram accounts have less than 1,000 followers?


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