Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Day, Twitter Expands Analytics, Pinterest’s New Chrome Extension | Social Media Trends

Facebook’s relentless effort to undermine and clone Snapchat took another step, as the platform launched Messenger Day, allowing users to record and share the highlights of their day with their Facebook Messenger friends list. Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Day, Twitter Expands Analytics, Pinterest’s New Chrome Extension | Social Media Trends

Meanwhile, Twitter is expanding its analytics to include “Moments,” and Pinterest is changing the way Google Chrome users search the web with new updates to its Chrome plug-in in this week’s social media trends!

 Twitter Analytics Gives Users More Insight With Analytics Update

 Are you a fan of Twitter’s Moments feature? We’ve got good news for you!

The popular social platform is now giving deeper insight into its Moments feature – a user-generated hub of personal and public generated tweets.

The new analytics update will allow users to see specific details regarding the data on when Moments Stories were seen, liked, and shared.  It also offers a completion time record for the average amount of time user stories were viewed from beginning to end.

The move comes after several major changes from the Twitter in hopes of reviving and solidifying its position as a social powerhouse.

Pinterest Takes On Visual Searching With New Chrome Update

 Pinterest has always served as a powerful visual platform when it comes to online content, so it comes as no surprise that the platform takes its visual online search to new heights with its latest Chrome update.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, Pinterest has now bundled the Chrome update with the platform’s new visual search tool. This update allows users to search and scan Pinterest by simply shooting images directly from their mobile phones and uploading them online.

The new update allows desktop users on Chrome to find similar items or images by simply uploading photos without ever have to open a separate window.

Will you be giving the new update a try?

Messenger Day Goes Public On Facebook Mobile

 Facebook is taking a major jab at Snapchat with its latest Messenger Day update.

 The social giant made the official statement this week that its Snapchat like clone feature is now live, giving its millions of users worldwide the ability to tell their stories in a new and exciting way.

The new update can be easily accessed by opening the Messenger app on both iOS and Android and clicking on the shutter button on the control panel located at the bottom of the screen.

Users will now have the ability to shoot and send video and photos by posting them to a new “My Day” feed, very similar to Snapchat “My Stories” feature.

There is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is about to get a lot more exciting!

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