Facebook Rolling Out AR Camera, Pre-Roll Ads Favored Over Out-Roll, Snapchat To Offer Full-Screen Ads | Social Media Trends

Facebook Rolling Out AR Camera, Pre-Roll Ads Favored Over Out-Roll, Snapchat To Offer Full-Screen Ads | Social Media Trends
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Facebook is giving artists, designers, and developers the tools they need to take their artistic expression to the next level with its latest AR camera capabilities.

Meanwhile, digital marketers may need to take a second look at their marketing strategy, as a new study shines a light on the pre-roll/post-roll debate, and Snapchat launches its full-screen ad features in this week’s trending social media news.

Pre-Roll For The Win

 While many advertisers are sold on video, many still question where to position it!

A new study conducted by YuMe Media Analytics is now shedding some light on what the best ad vehicle may truly be. The latest study compares pre-roll, mid-roll, and out-stream video ads.

The study, which tracked 6,864 viewers, revealed that pre-roll ads were not only the least intrusive, they actually were the most memorable when compared to the likes of out-stream ads which play automatically when users scroll over them in their social feeds.

There is no doubt that video ads are becoming king when it comes to social media. What are your thoughts on the latest study?

Snapchat Zooms In On Full-Screen Ads

 While Facebook continues to prove it has no shame in its game after its relentless attempts at mimicking Snapchat, the original real-time video and photo-sharing platform isn’t going down without a fight!

Snapchat is taking its success with marketers one step further by expanding its self-serve ad options, which will now make it easier for brands and marketers to purchase full-screen ads in-house thanks to a newly acquired media license.

Previously, marketers only had access to sponsored geo filters via a self-serve option. Advertisers and marketers now can create visually stunning and immersive full-screen video ads that will run via Snapchat’s Discover Portal as well as directly within users curated feeds.

Facebook Going Full AR With Latest Camera Push

It’s official: Augmented Reality (AR) is the future, and Facebook is heading the race.

In a push to take AR to the mainstream, Facebook has recently unveiled an array of powerful new tools that will aid artists, designers, and developers to create compelling new worlds directly within Facebook.

The new AR powered camera platform will serve two creative options: A Frame Studio for creating frames for user’s photos, and an immersive AR studio that will allow developers to create animations, masks, and virtual effects.

It’s time to think about how you can utilize these new features to expand your digital footprint while attracting new audiences and demographics to your brand online.

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