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Facebook is taking its digital retail platform one step further with interactive multi- product news feed ads that will give retailers the ability to promote multiple products in a multi-level format. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving Day parade fans were able to experience the show like never before thanks to YouTube’s 360 live streaming Facebook Multi-Product Retail Adsthroughout the entire show, and Instagram is taking off the gloves and replicating Snapchat once again with “disappearing images.”

It seems the battle for live video and interactive product ads is heating up in this week’s trending social media stories in the news!

YouTube Dominates Thanksgiving Day Coverage With Live Streaming 360- Degree Video

 You didn’t have to be there in person or glued to a television to enjoy the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. YouTube took its latest 360-degree video implementation and used it for an unprecedented Thanksgiving Day experience.

The Verizon-sponsored live stream was available either directly on YouTube’s home page or via the YouTube mobile app. The video based platform’s latest 360-degree video implementation was another preview of its optimized video capabilities, having recently launching HDR optimized video.

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Instagram Introduces “Disappearing Images “ Feature

Popular video and image-based platform Instagram is not hiding the fact that it is directly competing with Snapchat.

Similar to Snapchat’s 10-second max time limit on personally shared images and video, Instagram has now rolled out a feature that will similarly allow users to send “disappearing images.’

Users can access the latest feature by entering Instagram Direct, and simply pick and choose whom they would like to send photos or videos to on their friends list.

The latest update coincides with the platform’s release of Instagram Live video, allowing users to live stream to their followers directly from the mobile app.

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Facebook To Offer Multi-Product Ads In Newsfeeds

 Facebook is set to provide more options and enrich its digital advertising value to retailers with its latest launch of multi-product ads.

Although still in testing, the latest update will allow retailers to use a primary image or video along with related product images underneath. Clicking will bring up a second page with additional products, and another click ultimately leads to the advertiser’s website.

Both Lowe’s and Michael Kors have already seen a steep drop in its cost per conversion, a promising sign for retailers of all backgrounds.

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