Facebook Lifts The Veil On Advertising Metrics

As marketers, metrics mean everything.

In an effort to make social media marketing efforts more transparent, Facebook is now releasing monthly metric reports and new tools that will help offer more insight and understanding on how advertising works on its platform.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is maximizing professional networking opportunities with a slew of new features, and Instagram is still sitting safely in Snapchat’s former throne thanks to the success of its Stories feature in this week’s social media trends.

LinkedIn Boosts Connecting and Customization

Imagine being able to have more context and information about your communities on LinkedIn with just a few clicks? Now you can. Facebook Lifts The Veil On Advertising Metrics 3

The professional networking platform’s latest productivity upgrade features offer everything from connection histories, updated profile customization and a one-touch ‘quick reply’ system for faster messaging.

These new additions come on the heels of LinkedIn’s recent design overhaul with a focus on improved user experience. What are your thoughts on the latest features?

Instagram Tops Snapchat

Facebook Lifts The Veil On Advertising Metrics 1Sorry Snapchat, but the people have spoken, and Instagram has officially taken the social media crown.

Instagram’s interactive Snapchat-esque Stories feature now boasts 250 million daily users, up from 200 million in early April.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is reportedly seeing a 50% decline in unique viewers from this time last year, a statistic that proves Instagram’s latest updates such as live video streaming is well received by its users, and the data proves it.

Your move, Snapchat.

Facebook Delivers Monthly Analytics Updates

Analyzing your campaign data is about to get a lot easier thanks to Facebook’s new monthly metrics review. Facebook Lifts The Veil On Advertising Metrics

Hoping to bring more clarity to its advertising platform, the social media giant will be releasing a monthly series of metrics that demonstrate how ads are truly performing.

These metrics will include information such as:

• How ads increase website traffic
• Measuring how many people click on ads and visit a landing page
• Follower demographics and behavior and more

How will you utilize this new information for the benefit of your own social campaigns?

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