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Facebook is putting you in the drivers seat with its latest “Topics To Follow” update.
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Imagine being able to learn new things you didn’t even know existed solely from scrolling through your Facebook feed. If Facebook’s new “Topics To Follow” feature that is currently in beta mode is any indication of things to come, social media news is about to enter an exciting new area.

Meanwhile, Twitter is taking an interesting approach to live video by announcing the launch of a round the clock news streaming service in collaboration with Bloomberg, and Pinterest is hitting a homerun thanks to a new “More Like This” and more in this week’s social media trends.

24/7 News Streaming Coming To A Twitter Timeline Near You

 Twitter has long been a solid source for real time news updates, and its latest 24/7-news video feed plans to take things to the next level.

The social giant announced its latest feature is aimed at online users who are not paying for news networks yet are looking for a fast and efficient way to get their news while on the go.

So what does this new opportunity offers to marketers you may ask?

It is believed the new video service will be ad supported, giving digital advertisers a new way to reach social users.

This isn’t Twitter’s first time experimenting with live video streaming, and the results speak for themselves with millions of users turning to the platforms 360-degree video coverage of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade last year.

Pinterest Leads The Way With Unprecedented Search Options

 Picture this: You just spent your Saturday morning scrolling through Pinterest looking for that perfect dinner recipe, and once you’ve found it, you click on the small white circle in the bottom left of the pin and BOOM!

You didn’t think it was possible, but Pinterest has just served you at least 10 other options with popular twists to the recipe you just found in the matter of a second.

While this may sound to good to be true, Pinterest’s new “More Like This Button” actually does all this and more, and the lucky few who have had the chance to test the new feature are raving about it.

This latest tool not only sounds awesome, it also packs a punch.

Because users will now be served with a variety of options directly from within their feeds, it could lengthen browsing time, increase engagement, and even allow for deeper insights on user data and browsing interests.

What more could you ask for?

Social Media News: You Speak, Facebook Listens

Facebook is putting you in the drivers seat with its latest “Topics To Follow” update.

During a recent news briefing, Facebook VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri stated the platforms newest focus will be on giving users an innovative news experience, focused on delivering news tailored to what people want to see, while also “helping users uncover more relevant information they don’t follow.”

To do this, Facebook has begun testing a new tab, which connects users to a new listing of news topics and posts that users may find interesting. Taking things one step further, users will also be able to scroll through a list of topics they will be able to “follow,” streamlining their newsfeed to exactly what they want to see.

While no concrete day has been given for a mass roll out, it’s safe to assume we will be seeing a feature very similar to this in our own timelines very soon!

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