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Running a Facebook Group is one of the best ways to build a bona fide community for your brand. Groups allow for more engagement and greater reach than Facebook Business Pages and invite your audience to be part of a conversation. With a solid strategy, you can create a community of individuals with similar interests around a topic related to your brand. So what goes into creating a top-notch Facebook Group? We’ve got the secret sauce, and we’re not afraid to share it!

Know Your Purpose

Before jumping headfirst into Facebook Group creation, really define what your group is for and make sure that those joining know what the intention is, too. Are you trying to create a community where users can engage with like-minded people? Is this an arena to ask questions and voice concerns to collect feedback? Do you want to use this means to improve customer service? Asking yourself these questions in advance will help lay the groundwork for your group and give you direction.

Set Clear Guidelines

Every group should have a clear set of rules or expectations group members must follow. Give just as much thought to what you do want as what you don’t want. What kind of activity will be encouraged? What kind of activity will not be tolerated? For example, you might encourage users to participate by asking and answering questions or providing feedback, but warn that spam and promotional content will not be tolerated.
Attract The Right Tribe

Your group members can make or break your Facebook Group. To attract the right members, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of your group. For example, if your purpose is to establish a community for interior design professionals to discuss and share industry news and information, you should not be inviting hairstylists into the group. You want users who will bring something to the group and contribute to building the community, not take away from its purpose.

Lead the Pack

A successful Facebook Group needs a strong leader. Be present! Commit to giving your group the attention it deserves. Keep discussions focused and conversation going, enforce the rules, welcome and engage members, the list goes on and on! The most involved you are, the stronger your relationships with your group members will be. When you make people feel encouraged and supported, they are more likely to remember your brand and become lifelong customers.

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