Facebook Bolstering Lead Generation for Businesses

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Facebook has been testing an app called “Messenger Broadcast” which allows a business to send a message to anyone who has ever started a messenger conversation with them. @Facebook #FacebookBroadcast Click To Tweet

Even though Facebook recently changed its news feed to focus more on quality and engaging conversations between users, it hasn’t forgotten about businesses and how they can increase sales or generate leads through the platform. It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week.

Facebook’s “Messenger Broadcast” App Helps Businesses Send Follow Up Messages

Facebook has been testing an app called “Messenger Broadcast” which allows a business to send a message to anyone who has ever started a messenger conversation with them.   Currently, Messenger conversations can be tagged so that the business can remember why the user initiated the conversation with them in the first place. The Broadcast app imports those as tags to create a blast that is specific to those tags. For instance, if the company had a list of users asking about a particular product or service, the company could tag the conversation “Info Request about Product” and ultimately broadcast a message to everyone that has that tag on their conversation. Eventually, a paid version of the app will be released, and pricing is expected to be centered around the size of the recipient list. They are also testing guidelines so that it is difficult for companies to spam. With 1.3 billion users on Facebook, they are eager to monetize the Messenger platform. Having recently launched ads within messenger this is another way for Facebook continues to grow company revenues.Photo Credit: Instagram / aitdat

Pinterest Adds Customization Tools for Content

Last year, Pinterest added “Sections” which allows a user to divide up a board into subcategories. They have now rolled out three new customization features: archiving, sorting, and the reordering of Section and Pins. Anytime a user wants to turn off a board; there is now a button within the “edit” feature that allows you to archive it. For instance, if you went on a trip to Disney World and created a board for that purpose, after your trip, you may no longer have any interest creating pins for that board. By selecting “archive,” it will not only hide the board from the public but also let Pinterest know not to send you recommended pins on that subject.   The sorting of sections allows you to arrange your boards in whatever order you want. This will enable businesses to be able to customize the view of how a user may view the boards and focus users interests on products or services that they may be more interested in selling. Finally, from within a section, Pinterest now allows you to, via drag and drop, reorder the pins however you see fit.

New Google Paid Ads Incorporate AI Algorithms

Google has launched a new ad format through the Display Network called “auto ads.” These types of ads utilize publishers who are monetizing their website through Google Adsense. Google will now index the publisher’s site and determine which ads most closely fit the site’s theme. The beta test yielded an average revenue increase of 10% for the publisher.   The Search Network remains separate, and this new technology will not be included, as users who perform search queries do not see display ads.

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