Facebook Best Practices for Small Business Owners

Facebook best practices are important to know when considering launching your business profile. Facebook is a popular social platform that many businesses use to connect directly with their biggest audiences. With over 2.8 billion active users daily, the possibilities of meeting your next customer are high. A professional Facebook page helps customers learn about you and your products or services, boost your reputation, increase customer support, and be a direct connection to your website. Before you start posting on your page, here are some Facebook and social media best practices you should be aware of to maximize your success. 

Facebook Best Practices

Avoid the Hard Sell

Social media was created to be a central place where people from all over the world come to socialize. Customers don’t want to constantly have salespeople shoving products and services in their faces. Instead of trying to push purchases, create a social space where people can have conversations and your audience can get to know you. It’s important that you not only create conversation starters but that you also participate in them. Instead of just talking about how great your products or services are, focus on adding quality to the conversations happening on your page and in your industry.

Be Human

You are not a robot. Don’t use your business’s Facebook page to act like one! Users want to talk to people, not a program that just spits out content and responses. Create a human voice for your brand that your customers can relate to. Not only should it be real and likable, but it should also fit with your brand. If your business focuses on serious law matters, it wouldn’t make sense that your Facebook voice is extremely sarcastic. Your ideal customers won’t relate to you and could alternatively become offended. This also includes eliminating company jargon that your average customer will not understand. 

Create a Goal and Strategy

In addition to acting like a human and having real conversations, make sure you have a plan and goal for your Facebook marketing. Are you looking to increase purchases? Do you want more downloads of your content? How about phone consultations? The most effective social media marketing aligns with the overall goals of your business. Starting with your goal in mind, you can formulate a plan of what type of content you will share on your Facebook page that will be most effective. 

Post Consistently

In line with thinking about your strategy for your page, be sure to consider how often you will post. Facebook users check their accounts more than 25 times per week! If you’re not giving them new material, they’ll stop looking at your content. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to posting cadence. It’s all dependent on your industry and your target audience. Focus on putting out quality content consistently, instead of filling your page with irrelevant posts that do not support your overall business goals. 

Use Paid Promotions

Lastly, paid tactics on this channel such as ads, page promotions, and boosted posts are great ways to meet your goals. Page promotions can help you increase name recognition and boost your brand awareness. Boosted posts can help you hyper-target your audience and provide them topical content such as blogs and articles. Ads can be used in many of these ways and more. Many businesses find success with using ads to drive traffic back to their websites to fill out a form or make a purchase. Whichever route you choose, use engaging photos and videos to help grab your audience’s attention and get them to take action quickly.

Following Facebook best practices for your marketing can help your business reach its biggest goals and connect with your audience. It’s important to create a strategy to continue to nurture these online relationships and maximize the effectiveness of all of your social media marketing efforts.

megaphoneTwo-thirds of Facebook users visit business pages weekly.

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