Facebook Announces the Launch of the Paper App

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paper, facebook, appFacebook announced the launch of Paper, a news application that will display content in a more aesthetically pleasing format, similar to that of a digital magazine. The app will feature content from the user’s Facebook news feed, but not all Facebook app functionalities will be available on Paper. The Paper app will display content for a longer amount of time in comparison to the typical Facebook feed, and users will have the ability to opt into various news source outlets to receive new articles and stories from. The app will be available first to iPhone users on February 3, 2014. For more on this story, click here.

google plus, google, gmailGoogle + will now allow users to locate an email of a person they do not have, as long as both people have an active Google + account and gmail address, and as long as one follows the other on Google +. The news has garnered both fans and critics. The supporters are encouraged by the fact that they can now e-mail someone they know but don’t have an e-mail address for, and the critics are worried that this will lead to an increase in spam mail. Google + users will have the option of opting out of public searches for their email address. For more information on this story, go here


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A customer who wrote a negative Yelp review about a contractor’s services has been served with a  $750,000 lawsuit in Washington D.C. This past Monday marked the first day of the trial hearings in the case. Aaron Schur, Senior Director of Litigation at Yelp took it upon himself to inform Yelp users to not be afraid of writing negative reviews, despite the recent news of the lawsuit. He emphasizes the rights protected under the First Amendment for customers to voice their opinions. To learn more, click here.

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