Facebook Ads: Change The Game With Custom Audiences

As a marketer, advertising on Facebook is what you make of it. The effort that you put in directly correlates to the success that comes out. If Sparkleryou’ve read our going full-funnel blog, you already know the importance of a strong strategy. But how do you drill down on your ideal audience? Is there a perfect customer, or is everything just an educated guess? For many business owners, that’s really the hardest part of their advertising efforts: is this ad reaching the right people? We often feel like we’re at Facebook’s mercy the second we click that intimidating “publish” button. Well, there’s good news – You don’t have to feel that way anymore, thanks to custom audiences.


What Are They?

Normally when putting together an ad, you choose a target audience, right? Maybe you want to engage people of a certain demographic segment, or in a certain place, etc. For most small businesses, all marketing conversations start and end with that same audience. There is, however, another way. Enter: custom audiences. Basically, a custom audience goes further than relying on the data presets we just outlined, and instead focus on actions. It’s a fluid list of people you are marketing to and changes dynamically based off of the qualifying actions that members of this group take. For example, you could have a custom audience based off of everyone who’s visited your website in the last month. Or, of all of the people who engaged with your Facebook posts. The possibilities are endless.


How Does It Help?

The power of a custom audience really hinges on its namesake – customization. Marketing a product or service to a conventional target market can only get you so far. If you want to activate your audience, you must create campaigns that capitalize on their needs and actions. In other words, serve your audience as specifically as possible. If you are doing a Black Friday deal, it might be a good idea to boost the ad towards previous website visitors. If you notice a lot of people were clicking on your ad for an upcoming concert, make an effort to target those same users with a follow-up ad. Once you begin breaking down your audience by its actions rather than predetermined assumptions on behavior, you’ll change the game.


Looking to become your own Facebook savant? A successful campaign is just a little extra effort away. Reframing how you look at your target audience, and how you approach marketing to it can pay off immensely. Creating a custom audience only takes a couple of minutes, and can be the difference between crushing your goals or falling flat.


Over two billion people have a Facebook Account

Learning how to properly manage your audience targeting methods is crucial for efficiently planning and executing advertising campaigns.

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