Expand Your Customer Service with Twitter’s New Businesses Feature

Source: @kwsmteam
Source: @kwsmteam

Twitter has always been a platform in which users expect up-to-the-minute information and instant responses on their timeline. Whether it is a favorite from using a trending hashtag, a friend’s response to your tweet, or getting a question answered by a follower – quickness is key. Now Twitter is providing a new option to highlight businesses that offer quick customer support services on the platform.

Twitter recently published a blog announcing that business accounts can now show that they provide customer support on the platform. If your business enables this feature, it will enhance your visibility in related searches.

To enable this option, go to the new customer support settings page and then the words “provide support” will be visible on your company’s profile.

When enabling this feature, you are allowing your business on Twitter to receive direct messages from anyone, including those who don’t follow you. In the past, it was very common to ask a user with a question to follow the account and then message the account. That process will no longer be necessary or hinder businesses providing support on Twitter.

Twitter’s latest blog went on to explain that, “On average, customer feedback requests receive a response more than 60% of the time. Many brands have told us that response rate is 5–10x the average rate they get for other feedback surveys. Early use has also shown that customers who are sent a Direct Message link follow through to actually send a message roughly 30% more often than those who are asked to send a message via text only.”

To further assist customers, Twitter’s latest feature allows businesses the option to have their hours displayed of when their support service is most active. This allows customers to have a good idea of how soon they can expect to have their comment, concern or question addressed.

Make sure your company’s Twitter account takes advantage of this feature by enabling customer support and noting your prime hours of response.

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