Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s 360-Degree Photos

Lost in the announcement of Facebook’s new video comments feature was the new 360-degree photo feature Facebook introduced last week. All desktop users can upload the photos although you will need to update the app on your phone to enable this feature. The feature allows tilt-viewing of panoramas giving the viewer full control of which direction they want to navigate within the picture.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of the new feature on his personal account.


Facebook has made it so you don’t need an expensive 360-degree or a virtual reality camera Instead, you can use your cell phone. All you have to do is take a panoramic picture and post it to your profile. From there, Facebook will convert the photo into an immersive 360 photo that’s easy to explore for your friends.

360-degree pictures will be identified with a compass in the bottom right side. Users will then simply click their mouse and navigate the photo. On mobile devices, users will press the photo with a finger to navigate.

With virtual reality in its infancy, this feature is being seen as Facebook’s way of providing users more immersive content and is likely to one of many upcoming virtual reality related updates.

The feature is already being used by many of Facebook’s most recognizable users like Paul McCartney and NASA. Facebook has provided detailed instructions on using this new feature and will roll it out to everyone shortly.

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