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Connecting with our fans is the biggest challenge on social media. Refining a social media strategy that works best with your business model is a craft – it takes time to cultivate the strongest content calendar that best embodies your message. As time goes by and your audience grows, one thing that needs to remain consistent is your understanding of the needs of your followers and clients. Engagement on your channels is one of the biggest factors in how well your social media channels are doing.

Social media is evolving every single day and as soon as you become comfortable with a certain aspect of Facebook or Twitter, it can change yet again. So sticking to the same calendar for months at a time doesn’t always work.

Regularly engaging your audience will show your fans that your company is authentic and is invested in their opinions and needs. Asking for feedback makes fans feel valued. Your outreach also has the potential to change the minds of followers that may be unsure if they want to commit to following you. They see that you are taking time out of your busy schedule as a business owner to ask their perspective. That matters.

Here are 3 questions to ask your audience that could change the way you run your social media channels. Remember, when posting these questions prepare for honest answers. It is important to monitor all responses to encourage a positive engaging environment for your followers.

What Are Your Favorite Posts

It is best to ask this question in poll format. Polls are great because they do not require too much time or effort and people who browse social media do so quickly, never spending much time on one page unless they are specifically looking for something. Does your audience enjoy company videos, inner-office photos or news articles the best? You may have the metrics to understand what works best, but this is your chance to find out why.

How Do We Help You

Every business develops a brand strategy that offers value to its fans. When you ask this question, it is inviting your followers to think about why they follow you and how they use your product. Encourage your audience to post a picture while using your product, write a review on your Yelp page, or recommend your business on LinkedIn.

What Would You Like To See

You’re asking your fans to roll up their sleeves and hit you with their best shot! It is tough to open yourself up to criticism, but your brand can only grow from this invaluable feedback. Asking people to rate your performance seems cliché, but on social media, where people are looking for a post to engage in and offer feedback, this question is gold. You can use the poll features on Facebook or Twitter, or you can simplify it, by asking, ‘would you like to see more pictures, videos or inspiring quotes?’. Whatever your brand most identifies with reach out to your audience and use their comments to grow your channels.

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