Easy Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Facebook Posts

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Facebook posts can have a more visual appeal than posts on other social media channels. With the opportunity to add photos, videos and links to your Facebook posts, it has never been easier to add additional content to enhance the visual impact and encourage your audience to engage with your posts.

Here are some easy ways to enhance the look of your Facebook posts:

Remove the link

Have you ever seen a Facebook post that contains a link preview (a clickable image and description that directs you to a website), along with a live link to the same website within the text of the post? It can look a bit cluttered. Luckily, this can be easily fixed.

Once you insert a URL into the text of a post, you can remove it once the link preview has displayed. This simple step can go a long way in making the look of your posts look clean.

removing link from facebook post

Utilize Spacing

The less text you can include in your Facebook posts, the better. However, if you find that you need a few lines to get your message across, be sure to include spaces in-between. You can play around with which spacing method works best for you. Spacing is important, as it allows your audience to easily follow your message and therefore, more likely to engage.

spacing facebook posts

Include an Image or Link

Overall, 87% of the interactions on Facebook happen on photo posts. Text only posts are not as engaging as image or link posts, so it is always best to include an image or a link whenever possible with your post. By doing this, you are also giving your audience something additional to explore.

picture post


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