Don’t Believe These Facebook Advertising Myths!

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You can’t believe everything you hear and that’s especially true when it comes to social media, and more specifically, Facebook Advertising. Many businesses are hesitant to advertise on the platform because they don’t have the right information. The truth is, Facebook ads are some of the most targetable, trackable, and cost-effective ways to advertise today and can make a world of difference in growing your brand. So to ease your concerns and arm you with the right information to make an educated decision, we’re debunking some of the most common myths we hear everyday.

Myth: Facebook ads are expensive

As with any form of advertising, you can budget as much as your wallet permits. But that doesn’t mean you have to shovel piles of money into it to see results. In fact, your ad budget can be pretty small and still make a significant impact. You can run an entire ad campaign for as little as $1 a day – although we’d recommend $5-$10 a day, depending upon your goals. Additionally, for most Facebook ads, you’re only charged when someone clicks on it. So someone might see your ad several times without it costing you anything; you are only charged when they interact with you.

Myth: Facebook ads don’t work for B2B companies

With 2 billion users all over the world, it’s just silly to assume there are no Facebook users with business interests, even if they’re using personal accounts. And with Facebook’s extensive targeting options, you can easily target job titles, industries, and if the company is big enough, specific businesses. Sure, your approach might need to be different with B2B ads, but it is possible to run a successful campaign. For example, instead trying to make a sale, try to gain leads. Offer eBooks or promote blog articles that the industry you’re targeting would find relevant.

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Myth: The larger the target audience, the better the ad performance.

You might think when you create a target audience for an ad, your ad will perform better if you have a huge audience. And you wouldn’t be alone in that thought – however, this could actually hurt your performance. In reality, the more people you target, the more businesses you are competing with for that ad space. Not to mention, you’re likely extending your reach to a less qualified audience. It’s a classic case of quality over quantity! You’re better off taking the time to figure out exactly whom your ideal customer is and specifically targeting that demographic.


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