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Company Description

KWSM is a full service digital marketing agency made up of journalists. We specialize in website development & SEO, social media strategy & management, content creation, PR & influencer marketing, and digital advertising. Clients hire us to create integrated digital marketing strategies to generate leads or sales. Half our clients are B2B and half are B2C.

We have offices in Orange County, CA, San Diego, CA, Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV.

*This role can be located in any of our offices.


Job Description

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This role requires an organized, diplomatic professional who is equal parts strategic and relational to develop and maintain long-term partnerships with agency clients.

To succeed in this role, you should consider yourself a people person and a problem solver. You support our team in guiding our clients and explaining the agency’s work and direction. You ensure that clients have buy-in and feel confident in the team’s abilities. You act as a trusted advisor on both sides of the client-agency relationship.

You help guide strategic direction for our clients and possess a deep understanding of their businesses and their goals. You are well versed in digital marketing tactics and work to stay on top of industry trends.

You are responsible for building a reciprocal client-agency relationship by:

  • Setting and reinforcing clear goals and expectations on both sides
  • Explaining the work we do and our systems and processes to clients
  • Ensuring all client promises are kept and proper protocols are followed internally
  • Identifying touchpoints for client communication and input
  • Participating in client onboarding and the strategy process to set up the relationship
  • Staying involved in ongoing client work and gathering feedback along the way
  • Assisting teammates in the task of clearly reporting progress and results
  • Noting and acting on client suggestions about how KWSM can improve

You are proactive, transparent and straightforward in your communication with clients and team members. Clients feel listened to and respected. Teammates feel supported and championed. You spend your day solving problems, providing guidance, and clearing obstacles on the path toward client happiness and success.

As you work to streamline agency systems, you check in with clients regularly, gather feedback, and spot potential problems before they arise. When there is conflict, you work to resolve issues in a mutually beneficial way – remaining loyal to both client and agency.

To be successful in this role, you will display a passion for digital marketing and achieving results, as well as a belief that all clients are important and valued, regardless of size or industry.

Duties in this role include:

  • Establishing a cadence for regular client check-ins
  • Collaborating on digital strategy creation and delivery
  • Meeting with Digital Marketing Strategists to review reports and results
  • Attending client calls as needed for support
  • Reviewing each client’s scope and ensuring team accountabilities
  • Identifying areas where additional services could be beneficial for a client
  • Acting as a connector between sales, marketing execution, and clients

As you work to understand agency clients and their goals, you are on the front lines of identifying opportunities to grow services and improve results. You collaborate with department heads and their teams to deliver outstanding work, and continually work to improve our processes and better the client experience.

You are a mentor to the team, providing the guidelines and training necessary to ensure consistent, positive interactions between agency and clients.

Your top priorities are ensuring that the agency as a whole delivers an exceptional client experience and enabling team success, measured in both metrics and client satisfaction.



The right person for this job will be….


If creating engaging online content was easy, anyone could do it. We must constantly think about what will be interesting to our audience, how we will add value and keep them coming back. If you have big ideas, are willing to take risks, and want a job where you can be innovative and try new things, KWSM could be a very good fit.


We tell stories for a living. That involves engaging and communicating with an audience on social media, but it also requires the ability to communicate well with our clients, and each other. We’re a small company, and you will have a lot of opportunity to add your feedback. We need someone who wants to be heard.


We have a very collaborative office, and want to work with people who want to be part of a team. If you’re the kind of person who likes the door to their office closed, you probably won’t be happy here. (Our offices don’t actually have doors.)


Yes, we work online. But in order to accurately tell our clients stories on social media, we have to get to know them offline, too. A large part of your job will be building relationships with clients and acting as their advocate. We work hard for our clients, but we like to socialize with them, too.



We want to work with people who are passionate. If you have the ability to get excited about something and throw yourself into it, you will fit in well here.


Additional Information

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