Covering Your Bases: A Guide to the Best Cover Photos For LinkedIn

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You’ve uploaded the perfect profile picture, filled out all the necessary work history information and even added some extra skills. Now, it’s time to transform that blank space behind your digitized face into prime networking real estate.

On LinkedIn, most people neglect to upload a cover photo, but if you skip this step, you may be missing out on an opportunity to further brand yourself and make a connection with someone viewing your profile.

Do not, however, confuse the large backdrop as a chance to upload an even bigger picture of the one already set as your profile picture. This is your chance to depict something people can’t instantly see: your personality.

Because LinkedIn is primarily used between business professionals, this is one of the quickest ways to add some color to your black and white online resume, while also showing an artistic side. It can tell people more about what you do, or even how you do it. A good cover photo instantly tells the viewer more about your area of expertise.

For example:

An educator could use a school bus or a pack of colored pencils as their background photo.

A doctor might use the caduceus or a photo of the hospital building where they work.

A lawyer could use a photo of the judicial scale or a gavel, or even a picture of themselves in court.

No matter what you pick, placement can be just as important. Your profile picture is already taking up space on the left side of your screen so select a cover photo that can draw the viewer’s eye to the right side.

Another important note, your profile picture should always remain the focal point, the background picture is an added bonus. With that in mind, background photos should not be littered with action. Find a picture that doesn’t have too many colors, symbols, faces or distractions.

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